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The Reality Of Dreams

By Andrew Deakin

The aura of the earth,
The spark of life at birth,
The true nature of reality,
Is not something we'll see,
There is more to us than we know,
Many levels yet to explore,
Within and without are we,
That the insight to truly see,
See with our minds, not just our eyes,
When you truly see, be ready for a suprize,
For it is not something you can tell others about,
Whatever words you use will leave the listener with doubt,
You have to learn to explore without leaving your seat,
There are doorways within your mind from which delights seep,
How can you dream of things unseen,
Experience things that have never been,
Know things you should not know,
It's all still real as real life flows,
Just because when you wake,
Taking the usual view that most people take,
It's just a dream you may say,
But remember a dream of yours and it was real when it happened that day,
You experience it just like real life,
Feel good through the highs, and bad through the strife,
Just like the experiences of real life make you,
The experiences of dreams make you too,
Don't wave away the power of dreams,
For there is more than at first seems,
Trust no other's opinion of yours,
For the truth of them is deep in your mind drawers,
If you wish to hear their meaning,
The answer will come to you when it is seeming,
Follow the signs your dream is sending,
The information will come to you when it is ending,
But only you truly know the answer,
The only way I'll know is if you tell me after.

2003 Andrew Deakin aka One  

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