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By Mary E. Adair

Welcome to December!

Thought this year would never grind down to a close. But, it seems to be only a bit more, a mere twelfth thereof, and it will be in the history books only.

Funny how we celebrate the New Year, then celebrate each Holiday enclosed within it, then celebrate the New Year, then celebrate each Holiday ... or did that sound redundant? Perhaps this mood was prevalent among those who sent in their work for the issue. Finality, and its stages, is the key to many of the poems, and the third and final chapter of the tale (researched and written by Gerard Meister) about "The remarkable true-life adventures of Samuel Dreben, the fighting Jew." Even the effervescent Judith Issette writes both a story and a poem advising us to consider our deaths in "Memories of When - Sweet Parting," and "Sweet Parting - Poem."

Some of the poems with that theme, well done reflections on the subject, are M. Jay Mansfield's "City Hawk," and Bruce Clifford's "If Today I Should Die." Clifford also reflects upon "Forbidden Fruit," "Lay Down," and "My Feelings and I."

"Some Thoughts Enter My Brain by The Back Door" by John I. Blair leaves it to the reader as to what those thoughts might be. John also included for the month, the timely "When Roses Bloom in December," "Thanksgiving," and a "Sleep Trilogy" which includes three more poems - "Falling to Sleep," "Dreaming," and "Dream Beast."

Clara Blair whose bio has been spruced up with her photo we've been awaiting, lightens the subject by choosing to share "Autumn Gold," "Ebb Tide," "False Blossom," and "Fried Oysters." Sheila Keith continues her angelic subject theme with "Wings of an Eagle," and "God's Gift."

Our columnists, with great individuality, shed light on their favorite subjects, beginning with Pete Miller and his illuminating "Stellar Notions." Denise in "Alas, To Muse And Ponder," neatly discusses "Religion" and its varied effects upon our lives. Darren Bardsley returns this month with "Ever Increasing Circles" featuring the subtitle, "Self Loathing," and uplifting hints to avoid it; and Dr. Sam Vaknin ("Taming The Beast") describes malignancy of form.

LC Van Savage reminds us that we shouldn't point our fingers in "Consider This;" pbobby ("Provocations") touches on a political and historical figure as an example for living; Gerard Meister ("Thinking Out Loud") humorously chats about politics and intelligence polls; Mattie Lennon ("Irish Eyes) boasts and apologizes that his column is "all about nothing"; and Leo C. Helmer ("Cookin' With Leo") saves the day by giving us a prepare ahead shortcut to a fabulous tasting breakfast!

Mattie Lennon also authors the sole article for December. "Sydney Bernard Smith" is a literary fountain of works, with some of the most talked about detailed by Lennon. The article includes a link to the little red hen, Smith's own website.

What is left of this year?

The holidays to be celebrated in December, of course! And we hope that you and yours will enjoy your time together to the fullest degree. We have recently had cause to fully appreciate how lucky we are to be surrounded by family and friends; loved ones who are irreplaceable, as yours must also be. So, Happy Holidays and may your days be long and merry.

See you in January.  

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