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By Mary E. Adair

Happy New Year!

Now that 2003 is finally here, we can all take a deep breath and get ready for the days ahead. Plans must be made, and appointments set, supplies ordered, and promises kept. Before we know it our income tax will be the order of business, and some of us should get started organizing things for our tax people to get us filed in proper forms before the deadlines. Gee, what a thought!

Today started nicely, watching the parades of celebration. Loved the beautiful variety of decorations and the joy of the crowds viewing the floats and horseback riders. Having once been a band member, marching tunes still thrill this old heart, and many a tear was shed, for memories of both sad and wonder-filled moments.

Couldn't help but think how getting a parade ready echoes a bit of the chores of preparing the ezine issue. First, waiting to see what is going to show up, then placing for the best viewing, then making sure it is as perfectly prepared as possible, then trying to meet the deadline. Well, we are almost ready to begin the marching on this month's varied offerings. How like the variety of blossoms seen today, is the mixture of compositions for January, each lovely in its own way.

The columnists have done inspired writing for your pleasure:

    Denise (Alas, To Muse And Ponder;)
    LC Van Savage (Consider This;)
    Leo C. Helmer (Cookin' with Leo;)
    Mattie Lennon (Irish Eyes;)
    Michael Craner (Mikes Place;)
    pbobby (Provocations;)
    Pete Miller (Stellar Notions;)
    Sam Vaknin (Taming The Beast;)
    Gerard Meister (Thinking Out Loud)

Much of the poetry comes from the Blairs. (See their picture below) Avid birders, they manage to get to the Texas coast occasionally where their birding turns into poetic memories that thankfully, they share with the readers of Pencil Stubs Online. Much of their poetry this past year includes reflections of their shoreline trips. They each have ways of seeing the ordinary in an extraordinary manner. If you are not familiar with this ezine, please be aware that you can click the author's name to read the bio and to display a list of their compositions published in Pencil Stubs.

John I. Blair has several poems for this issue: "Listening to Ferde Grofe's Grand Canyon Suite," "Looking for Spring," "Perch In A Pool," "Prairie Rattlesnake," "Starry Night," "The Lake," "Wishing," and "Yellow Crowned Night Heron." The first in the list must be a record length title for any poem we have published!

Clara Blair, wife to John, has the following this time: "Charybdis," "Confronting My Inner Bigot," "Death In Another World," and "December Afternoon." Other poets include first-time contributor Peter Tonge with "Sleep," "Tree," and "Voice;" and Terry Finley, also new to PSO, with "What Happened?" Bruce Clifford returns with "In A Minute," and "There Was A Moment." Phillip Hennesy sent in the two poems, "I'm Alive," and "I Can't Talk," both of which are hopeful love poems.

Judith Issette's article discusses making "A New Beginning" and includes some neat ideas for organizing your thoughts while making new plans. The article by alremkin is about hunting and makes you feel like you are seeing everything through his eyes in "Elk Valley Elk."

Please let the authors and poets know what you like about their work, and read over the details for the January 2003 contest on the opening page. It is one way to let your favorite author know they are appreciated. The author who wins in the columnist category will get all the money sent in as votes for that category, while the other authors will have a chance to win all that is sent in for the second category. Please read the instructions and let others know to help your favorite author win.

We look forward to the new year and pray that each of you will attain at least some of your dreams, reach some of your goals, make happen some of your plans, and grow in grace and kindness all year long!

See you in February!

John and Clara Blair at Paradise Pond, Nov 2002


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