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By Mary E. Adair


The old saying used to be "A day late, and a dollar short" and I plead not guilty by the reasons regarding this condition of mine. I suppose I should ask our columnist Gerard Meister ("Thinking Out Loud") for a better name for it, but my family refers to it as Mary's "Breakinewsitis" and I've got it bad.

I doubt that I'm the only one who stayed glued to the television yesterday, February 1, 2003, trying to glean the latest info on the disaster that cost America, indeed, the world, seven heroes in the space effort. When they had less than 16 minutes left of their quote "very successful mission" unquote, something caused the shuttle to disintegrate, and has left us all to mourn and to ponder what did go wrong. So, I watched tv into the night, and will never be sorry that I did, in spite of the fact that in doing so I failed to get my column written and the ezine released on the first day of the month.

We do have a fine issue for you with columns (in addition to Meister's mentioned above) from the following valued authors:

    Cassandra with her delightfully described "Cassandra's World"
    LC Van Savage discussing the shock of her birthday in "Consider This"
    Leo C. Helmer sharing neat recipes to start your day in "Cookin' With Leo"
    Mattie Lennon who reaches into the green isle's past for this month's "Irish Eyes"
    Michael Craner helping us understand current affairs as analyzed at "Mike's Place"
    pbobby provoking each of us to review our lives and mark our progress as he does for February's "Provocations"
    Pete Miller links us to some fabulous views and discusses viewpoints in "Stellar Notions."

Our articles continue to inform, and debate, and thereby present some facts that might answer some of your own questions. Primarily under the first category, to inform, is "Lent, As Promised" by Leo C. Helmer who researched and compiled the published data. The second category, debating, brings these articles concerning how the author of each looks at the subject:

    LC Van Savage with "War Is Not Healthy For Children"
    PrairWarur with "The War Story" and,
    Paul J. Leadem with "War and Peace in the Middle East."

Lots of poetry this issue, so this is a lineup of whose work bears which title:

    Clara Blair, "Age of Consent Age of Reason," "The Art of Love," and "The Garden in Winter;" John I. Blair, "Friendship" and "Even A Snake Plant Sometimes Blooms;" Michael Craner, "Amy;" Bruce Clifford, "Another Look," "From The Moon," and "The Ocean."
    Robert Beaty, for his youngest child, "Out of the Blue;" M. Jay Mansfield, "Bath" and "Elephant Recall;" John D. Strain, "I Remember You" and "Poem of the Rockface;" and Sheila Keith, "Angel's Watching Over You And Me!"
    Peter Tonge returns this month with two poems, "Dodi" and "Yesous," while the author known as The One submitted "What's Real?"
    Four new (to PSO) poets appear this issue: Juno Jasper with "Death to Stars" and "Study skills;" Judith Alexander, "Island Hotel;" Yopo, "Five Fishes Am I;" and Princess with "My Time Is Skipping On."

We are fortunate to bring you two stories for February. The first is "Child of the Night" by Judith Issette and the other is "Daddy" by Mary Taylor.

Our authors diligently send their work in to share with the world via Pencilstubs, and we take this opportunity to say, both to them and to you the readers, that both you and they are highly appreciated. We have initiated the effort to reward these authors by votes by both them and their peers, with the columnist who receives the most votes being given the amount submitted as votes for any of the columnists. The second award is to the author, whether of poetry, articles, continued stories, or short stories, who receives the majority of votes in this area. We have extended the deadline until the end of February so that each author can participate in this choosing of their peer they deem the best. A single dollar is equal to a single vote for whomever you think deserves it. Of course, you are allowed to vote more than once, but please, only one name per email with the amount being given for that author. You can send in more than the dollar per author, making a higher number of votes for that person.

This is a simple way to applaud your peers. Please take the opportunity to do so. We have never charged to publish anyone's work, and are not doing so now, though most ezines do have that policy. The money for the votes goes to the author in each category who receives the most votes.

This is not money to go to Pencilstubs, though you can also give a donation for the ezine to help in the expenses incurred in producing and maintaining Pencil Stubs Online.

We will be announcing the winners next issue, and awarding the sums sent as votes to those two winners. Thank you for participating.

See you next month!  

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