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Black Hole

By Bruce Clifford

We can't keep punching holes through the sky
The radiation burns the cornea in my eye
We can't keep skating on this ice that's wet and thin
Look at me now, I'm all alone and falling in

We can't keep landing in this field of noise and trash
The chemical reaction touches my skin and causes a rash
We can't keep wishing for a black hole to eat us away

Black Hole
Black Hole
Black Hole
Eating away at our universe

The enemy is within and not from outer space
If a comet would hit us, would we be in a better place
We caused this reaction and punched a hole right through the sky
With the push of one button we could blow this sucker ten miles high

We can't keep dreaming in this game of war and peace
The black hole inside man so selfishly released
We can't keep punching holes through the sky
The smell of the cross fire makes me want to die

2/20/03 Bruce Clifford  

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