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Bruce Clifford

I was born in New York in 1963. I grew up out on Long Island in a small town called Mt. Sinai. In 1979, while still a Sophomore in High School, I moved to South Florida. (Very Long Story)

I have written thousands of pieces that remain part of my private collection, but I also enjoy sharing much of my work and publishing on is a wonderful place to connect with other talented writers. Some may say that my writing is kind of 'deep,' but I write what I feel whether it be wrong or right. At times people have been critical of my writing and some have even suggested I stop? For me, writing is one of the most important things in my life aside from my family.

I began writing in 1980 after the tragic death of a close friend. The song was entitled "Membership of Death." I found it to be a good way to express what I was feeling, and continued to write after I was encouraged by the comments I received from others. In 1982 I started a Rock band with some friends I met while in college. We played mostly original material, and I wrote all of the lyrics to our songs. After several years of attempting to live the rock n roll life I decided to settle down and even landed a real job.

I have been married since 1987 and have a wonderful daughter born in 1991. My daughter Brooke is a very talented writer, and she can be read from time to time publishing poems and short stories on this site. We are a close family and reside just outside of Fort Lauderdale, Florida in a beautiful home on a lake. I have a professional career as a recruiter for a large retail company.

I am passionate about my writing, and will continue to write for as long as I live. I would like to thank musician and friend Dave Davies for his continued support. I welcome any comments.

Thanks for reading my words.

Bruce Clifford


Type Month Year Title
Poem October 2000 Looking Through
Poem December 2000 The Boulevard Of Faith
Poem July 2001 This Is The World
Poem July 2001 Thirteen
Poem July 2001 Metamorphosis
Poem August 2001 Writing The Words
Poem August 2001 Children at Heart
Poem November 2001 Heaven Help Us
Poem December 2001 I Get So Tired
Poem January 2002 Dream Within A Dream
Poem January 2002 Mother, Can You Hear Me
Poem January 2002 Mystubenmyspec
Poem January 2002 We Are
Poem January 2002 The Stars Began To Dance Around
Poem February 2002 The Scent of Lime
Story February 2002 Thirteen, An Introduction
Poem April 2002 The Things
Poem May 2002 When I Move To Mars
Poem July 2002 Fountain Of Serenity
Poem July 2002 Tea Time Break
Poem July 2002 Think I'll Lay Here Beside You
Poem August 2002 In Your Goldfish Bowl
Poem August 2002 A Throw Back In Time
Poem September 2002 I Never Had A Reason
Poem September 2002 Faces Looking Like You Looking at Me
Poem October 2002 Cover-Up
Poem October 2002 I Keep Looking Through
Poem October 2002 Thinking About The Days
Poem October 2002 Pure Energy
Poem November 2002 Are You The One
Poem November 2002 The Other Side
Poem December 2002 My Feelings and I
Poem December 2002 Lay Down
Poem December 2002 If Today I Should Die
Poem December 2002 Forbidden Fruit
Poem January 2003 In A Minute
Poem January 2003 There Was A Moment
Poem February 2003 The Ocean
Poem February 2003 Another Look
Poem February 2003 From The Moon
Poem March 2003 Black Hole
Poem March 2003 The Mountain
Poem March 2003 Universe of One
Poem April 2003 The Real Heart In Me
Poem April 2003 Piss Poor Iron Clad
Poem May 2003 Leaders
Poem June 2003 Eye for an Eye
Poem July 2003 Between Our Souls
Poem August 2003 Another
Poem August 2003 Cry To Me (The Battle Call)
Poem August 2003 Joe
Poem September 2003 Face of Deception
Poem September 2003 The Sun Touching The Sea
Poem September 2003 So Wake Up
Poem October 2003 Get Out
Poem November 2003 You're Not Alone
Poem November 2003 As Long as You're Mine
Poem December 2003 You Can't Take Away My Soul
Poem January 2004 Precious Moments
Poem January 2004 I Wish I Knew
Poem January 2004 Put Down Your Pen
Poem February 2004 Look at Friendship/Look at Love
Poem February 2004 Scapegoat
Poem March 2004 Negative Vibe
Poem March 2004 Knock, Knock
Poem March 2004 Maybe Today Will Be The First Day
Poem April-May 2004 Far Away
Poem April-May 2004 Endangered Species
Poem April-May 2004 You Don't Exist in my Life
Poem April-May 2004 What's The Point
Poem June 2004 Faulty Sunrise
Poem June 2004 Pandora's Box
Poem July 2004 The Safety Net (Faulty Sunset)
Poem July 2004 Again
Poem August 2004 The Lost Art
Poem August 2004 I Can't Let You Go
Poem August 2004 Could Have Been
Poem September 2004 Friction
Poem September 2004 Whatever you Please
Poem September 2004 Forgive Me
Poem October 2004 Common Ground
Poem October 2004 Moment in Time
Poem October 2004 The Wind Keeps Whispering Your Name
Poem October 2004 The Last Storm
Poem October 2004 Walking on Egg Shells
Poem November 2004 One of a Kind
Poem November 2004 Small Ways
Poem December 2004 Can't Let Go
Poem December 2004 Bad Girl
Poem January 2005 Critical World
Poem January 2005 Lights On
Poem January 2005 The Other Side
Poem February 2005 Rest in Peace
Poem March 2005 Rock N Roll Died Today
Poem March 2005 Imaginary Friend
Poem April 2005 Does Anyone Feel
Poem April 2005 This Strange World
Poem May 2005 What I've Been Told
Poem May 2005 The Things I'm Looking At
Poem June 2005 I Don't Think
Poem June 2005 Silo
Poem July 2005 It's Getting Hard to Believe
Poem July 2005 Something That Didn't Belong
Poem August 2005 Never Be a Lie
Poem August 2005 When it Rains
Poem August 2005 The Night Is Young
Poem August 2005 Alice in Wonderland
Poem September 2005 Katrina
Poem September 2005 The Same Old Song
Poem October 2005 Just Tell Me Why
Poem October 2005 Kelly's Grandmother (A Katrina Victim)
Poem November 2005 With my Soul
Poem November 2005 Lack of Pearls (The Wooly Worm)
Poem November 2005 The Eleventh Dimension
Poem November 2005 I'm Not That Type of Man
Poem December 2005 When You're Not Near
Poem December 2005 I'm Invisible
Poem December 2005 So Far Away
Poem December 2005 Tic Toc
Poem December 2005 You Didn't Know Me
Poem January 2006 Freedom of the Seas
Poem January 2006 Inside Another's Lies
Poem January 2006 You Never Told Me
Poem January 2006 Songs From Conversations
Poem January 2006 On and On
Poem January 2006 Who Are They To Say
Poem February 2006 Part II - Songs From Conversations
Poem February 2006 You Can't
Poem February 2006 Wish I Could Be The One
Poem February 2006 (A) Broken Heart
Poem February 2006 Thirteenth Step
Poem March 2006 Part III - Songs From Conversations (The Big Bang)
Poem March 2006 Help Me Understand
Poem March 2006 Exactly
Poem April 2006 A Good Book
Poem April 2006 I Lost the Girl
Poem April 2006 The Fray
Poem May 2006 Tell Me Stories
Poem May 2006 Tunnel Vision
Poem June 2006 You Knew You Had It Coming
Poem June 2006 Help Me
Poem June 2006 Hold Me
Poem July 2006 The Best Side
Poem July 2006 Ice Cream Genius
Poem August 2006 There was a Time
Poem August 2006 Eye To Eye
Poem Sept & Oct 2006 Who Are We?
Poem Sept & Oct 2006 Without Warning
Poem Sept & Oct 2006 Run and Hide
Poem Sept & Oct 2006 After All This Time
Poem November 2006 We Did Not Care
Poem November 2006 Help Me, Friend
Poem December 2006 Catching Up With You Today
Poem December 2006 Breaking The Silence
Poem December 2006 Waiting Here So Long
Poem January 2007 Drama Queen
Poem January 2007 Territorial Rudiments
Poem January 2007 One Kiss Goodbye
Poem February 2007 Corporate America
Poem February 2007 The Year of Accountability
Poem March 2007 Think of Me
Poem March 2007 We Took It to The Edge
Poem March 2007 On The Run
Poem March 2007 Mist Within The Trees
Poem March 2007 Full Deck
Poem March 2007 Let It Rip
Poem April 2007 If Tomorrow Decides
Poem April 2007 Cast Away Your Sin
Poem April 2007 Never Want to Let Me Go
Poem April 2007 Mirrors
Poem April 2007 Circle Cloud
Poem April 2007 The Playground
Poem May 2007 Take Two
Poem May 2007 Caramel Eyes
Poem May 2007 The First Stone
Poem May 2007 Playing Tricks
Poem May 2007 On A Lark
Poem May 2007 What Brought us to Here
Poem June 2007 Stephanie
Poem June 2007 Thank You for Being
Poem June 2007 Find Another Way
Poem June 2007 Why oh why oh why
Poem June 2007 Gravity
Poem June 2007 Buried
Poem July 2007 Moments of Evaporation
Poem July 2007 I Can't Believe
Poem July 2007 The Dress
Poem July 2007 The Sanctuary
Poem July 2007 Will We Ever Learn
Poem July 2007 The Next Degree of Separation
Poem August 2007 You're Breaking My Heart
Poem August 2007 Made in the Shade
Poem August 2007 I Know
Poem August 2007 Wish I Could Take Your Pain Away
Poem August 2007 I Don't Know Why
Poem August 2007 King of The Road
Poem September 2007 If You Only Knew
Poem September 2007 Direction
Poem September 2007 Controlled Chaos
Poem September 2007 Can of Worms
Poem September 2007 I Believed In Us
Poem September 2007 She's Going Away
Poem October 2007 One Soul
Poem October 2007 Waiting
Poem October 2007 Kick Me When I'm Down
Poem October 2007 I'm Sitting Alone
Poem October 2007 What's the Secret
Poem October 2007 What Are we Doing to Ourselves
Poem October 2007 Will We Ever Get This Right
Poem November 2007 Tell Me
Poem November 2007 Cosmic Dance
Poem November 2007 Method to the Madness
Poem November 2007 Show Me A Sign Tonight
Poem November 2007 Ecletic Eyes
Poem November 2007 Do Not Freak Out
Poem December 2007 'Tis a Pity
Poem December 2007 It's Never The Same
Poem December 2007 Last of the Living Trolls
Poem December 2007 Inside Your Eyes
Poem December 2007 The Bottom Line
Poem December 2007 Butterfly in the Sun
Article January 2008 2008, A Year Of Dramatic Change
Poem January 2008 The Same Way Again
Poem January 2008 Ride The Wave
Poem February 2008 Letting Go
Poem February 2008 Moon Tree
Poem February 2008 Part of the Plan
Poem February 2008 Circles
Poem February 2008 I Just Want to Feel Love Again Someday
Poem February 2008 This is my Life
Poem March 2008 The Very Best Part of You
Poem March 2008 The Psychological Effects
Poem March 2008 Dot Com
Poem March 2008 What's Going on in Your Head
Poem March 2008 The Journey Home
Poem March 2008 Notorious
Poem April 2008 Could It Be
Poem April 2008 I'm Sorry That I Love You
Poem May 2008 Love and Laughter
Poem May 2008 The Spec in Your Eye
Poem May 2008 A Kite's Dream
Article June 2008 Vote for Bruce
Poem June 2008 East Side/West Side
Poem June 2008 Cyclone of Lupadon
Poem June 2008 Without A Trace
Poem June 2008 Better Than
Article July 2008 My Views of this Non-Recession
Poem July 2008 Down The Hatch
Poem July 2008 Running Around
Poem July 2008 Top of Mind
Poem July 2008 Forever
Poem August 2008 Setting the Code to Three
Poem August 2008 Deep Inside Your Dreams
Poem August 2008 The Things We Ought to Know
Poem September 2008 The Promise
Poem September 2008 Top Of Mind
Poem September 2008 Distance
Poem September 2008 Behave
Poem September 2008 The Last Storm - reminder
Poem October 2008 Sitting Here Surprised
Poem October 2008 Voice of Reason
Poem October 2008 Walk WIth Me
Poem November 2008 Covering All The Bases
Poem November 2008 The Last Tear
Poem November 2008 Live and Let Live
Poem December 2008 I Can't Remember
Poem December 2008 Free the Moment
Poem December 2008 Shadow of the Tale
Poem December 2008 You Can't Believe
Poem January 2009 2008 Believe Me
Poem January 2009 2008 Catch Me, Watch Me
Poem January 2009 2008 Space Station Coffee House
Poem January 2009 2008 Words to a Song
Poem February 2009 Brought Back to a Time
Poem February 2009 Because You Left
Poem March 2009 Guardians of The Sun
Poem March 2009 Life Before Life
Poem April 2009 Whatever Makes You Happy
Poem April 2009 Is this the Start
Poem April 2009 The Heart of the Sea
Poem April 2009 Crashing Down on Me
Poem May 2009 You Never Told Me
Poem June-July 2009 Fragmented
Poem June-July 2009 Why Would You Hurt Me
Poem June-July 2009 Until We're Gone
Poem June-July 2009 Those Were The Days
Poem June-July 2009 One Day
Poem June-July 2009 After Everything
Poem June-July 2009 Around Me
Poem August 2009 Made in The Shade
Poem August 2009 Information Overload
Poem August 2009 I Believe in You
Poem August 2009 Let Me Down Gently
Poem September 2009 It is What it is
Poem September 2009 Taking to Flight
Poem September 2009 Left in the Dark
Poem October 2009 Nothing is a Void
Poem October 2009 Talking
Poem October 2009 Too Many
Poem October 2009 One Hit Wonder
Poem October 2009 Hurry Up
Poem October 2009 We Thought It Would Last
Poem November 2009 Still I Know
Poem November 2009 Think of Us
Poem November 2009 I Think It's True
Poem November 2009 At War With Fire
Poem November 2009 Long Ago
Poem December 2009 Bottom Feeders
Poem December 2009 Season of Laughter
Poem December 2009 You And I
Poem January 2010 2009 Bad Advice
Poem January 2010 2009 Love is Lost
Poem February 2010 2010 I Can't Tell
Poem February 2010 2010 In Between
Poem February 2010 2010 There's no Reason to Fear
Poem February 2010 2010 You Never Thought Twice
Poem March 2010 In My Dreams
Poem March 2010 The Limit
Poem March 2010 Thirty Years Gone
Poem April 2010 Close Your Mind
Poem April 2010 Soaking Up The Sun
Poem April 2010 Start All Over Again
Poem April 2010 The Hands of Time
Poem April 2010 Pieces Of Me
Poem May and June 2010 How Many Times
Poem May and June 2010 Always Thinking of You
Poem May and June 2010 Tug at My Heart
Poem May and June 2010 This Thing Called Fate
Poem May and June 2010 Now You're Here
Poem May and June 2010 Don't Lose That Smile
Poem May and June 2010 I'm Lucky to Have You
Poem July 2010 Tapes In My Head
Poem July 2010 Maryann and Lisa
Poem July 2010 Goodbye Mother Goodbye
Poem July 2010 What's on Your Mind
Poem August 2010 Why Must We
Poem August 2010 Maybe
Poem August 2010 Bestest Friend
Poem August 2010 In My Heart
Poem August 2010 Your way or the Highway
Poem August 2010 Lifeline
Poem September 2010 Parallel World
Poem September 2010 I Would Give You The World
Poem September 2010 Nothing to Believe in
Poem September 2010 I Think
Poem September 2010 How Many Ways
Poem September 2010 This Love I Have For You
Poem September 2010 If I Could Bend the Time
Poem October 2010 Who's Going To Buy
Poem October 2010 I Don't Believe in Miracles Anymore
Poem October 2010 Meant To Be
Poem October 2010 Be Yourself With Me
Poem November 2010 What Is She Doing With Him
Poem November 2010 She Told Me
Poem November 2010 Then It Goes Dark
Poem November 2010 It's Greek To Me
Poem November 2010 Fork In The Road
Poem December 2010 Let's Be Naughty
Poem December 2010 Voice Of Reason
Poem December 2010 Under The Rug
Poem December 2010 Everything She Said
Poem January 2011 2010 I Can't Forget
Poem January 2011 2010 Remembering
Poem February 2011 A Shooting Star
Poem February 2011 Holding on to Life
Poem February 2011 As Big As The Sky
Poem March 2011 Living In A Dream
Poem March 2011 The Love I Have for You
Poem March 2011 I Will Always Love You as Big as The Sky
Poem April 2011 Old Fashioned Girl
Poem April 2011 Overdosing On You
Poem April 2011 I Love You
Poem April 2011 Hide
Poem May 2011 Without You
Poem May 2011 The Ocean is Warm
Poem May 2011 Look at Us Now
Poem June 2011 Things Since Then
Poem June 2011 It's Hard to Say
Poem July-August 2011 Any Other Day
Poem July-August 2011 The Limit
Poem July-August 2011 I Would Rather Be Dead
Poem July-August 2011 Now
Poem September 2011 I Can't Stop
Poem September 2011 Thinking of You
Poem September 2011 The Best of You
Poem September 2011 Falling to Pieces
Poem September 2011 When Will it End
Poem September 2011 I Bet You Can't Tell
Poem September 2011 Fit Like A Glove
Poem October 2011 That's Where I Am
Poem October 2011 One True Love
Poem October 2011 For You to Forget Me
Poem November 2011 It Never Gets Easier
Poem November 2011 It Hurts Too Much
Poem November 2011 I Miss You Now
Poem December 2011 Such Simplicity
Poem December 2011 Half the World Seems to be Crazy
Poem December 2011 The Looking Glass
Poem December 2011 The Ribbon People
Poem January 2012 2011 A Mixed Bag
Poem January 2012 2011 Now I Cry
Poem February 2012 Don't Ask Why
Poem February 2012 I Never Seem to Get Enough of You
Poem February 2012 I Never Felt Like This
Poem March 2012 So in Love with You
Poem March 2012 I'm Really Not So Sure
Poem April 2012 Nothing Left in the Way
Poem April 2012 What's Been on Your Mind
Poem April 2012 Common Ground
Poem April 2012 I've Got You on My Mind
Poem April 2012 Crawling Out of My Skin
Poem April 2012 In Touch
Poem April 2012 Dreaming as Dreamers Do
Poem April 2012 We Know This in Our Hearts
Poem May 2012 Don't Mind Me
Poem May 2012 God Like
Poem May 2012 It's Bringing Me Down
Poem May 2012 Walking into the Sun
Poem May 2012 What Are We Doing Here
Poem June 2012 Never Let You Go
Poem June 2012 Secret Life
Poem June 2012 Walking In Glue
Poem July 2012 Again Tonight
Poem July 2012 Unkind
Poem July 2012 Can I Trust My Heart With You
Poem July 2012 Walking in Reverse
Poem August 2012 Broken Over You
Poem August 2012 Time For Me
Poem September 2012 My Final Hour
Poem September 2012 I'm Sorry
Poem September 2012 When I'm Gone
Poem September 2012 Can You Hear Me
Poem October 2012 The Race
Poem October 2012 Moving Mountains
Poem Holiday 2012 2012 Beyond This World
Poem Holiday 2012 2012 Life Line
Poem Holiday 2012 2012 Hurting You
Poem Holiday 2012 2012 Circling Time
Poem Holiday 2012 2012 You're The Only One
Poem Holiday 2012 2012 Music to my Ears
Poem January 2013 2012 Life Is Nothing Without You
Poem January 2013 2012 The Wire
Poem January 2013 2012 Times Like These
Poem February 2013 2013 Vampires and Angels
Poem February 2013 2013 I Better Catch Myself
Poem February 2013 2013 Inward Clouds of Gray
Poem March 2013 2013 Gold Dress
Poem March 2013 2013 Look Into My Eyes
Poem March 2013 2013 Many Lifetimes
Poem April 2013 Guilty of Hurting You
Poem April 2013 I Love You More Each Day
Poem April 2013 You and Me
Poem April 2013 When You're Hurting
Poem April 2013 Maybe One Day
Poem May 2013 Where We Belong
Poem May 2013 Walking Alone
Poem June 2013 Inner Peace
Poem June 2013 Many Centuries
Poem June 2013 The Way Things Used To Be
Poem June 2013 What is it Like
Poem June 2013 Fork in The Road
Poem July 2013 It's Hard To Say
Poem July 2013 Hard To Get (The Broken Fork)
Poem August 2013 Are You With Me Now
Poem August 2013 So Far Gone
Poem September 2013 This Can't Go on Anymore
Poem September 2013 Everything We Are
Poem September 2013 Shattered Dreams
Poem September 2013 Until The Day I Die
Poem October 2013 Spending Time with You
Poem October 2013 So You Think
Poem October 2013 Why We Live On In Song
Poem October 2013 Breaking the Faith
Poem November 2013 I Bet You Don't Remember
Poem November 2013 Out of the Blue
Poem November 2013 In The Blue
Poem December 2013 How Could I
Poem December 2013 Somewhere in Space
Poem December 2013 I've Tried
Poem January 2014 Lost Without You
Poem January 2014 Before it Began
Poem February 2014 2014 Magnetic Energy
Poem February 2014 2014 Gone are the Days
Poem March 2014 Waiting for Today
Poem March 2014 Make It Come Alive
Poem April 2014 The Cold War
Poem May 2014 It Rained Today
Poem June 2014 I Don't Want You Around
Poem June 2014 Open Road
Poem July 2014 Just A Song
Poem July 2014 Stop Stop Stop
Poem August 2014 I Can't Imagine
Poem September 2014 Time To Run
Poem September 2014 Where to Begin
Poem October 2014 Nothing Seems Right Anymore
Poem October 2014 It's Taking Too Long
Poem November 2014 There's No Peace
Poem November 2014 Another Door
Poem December 2014 I Won't Return
Poem December 2014 Latitude of Our Time
Poem January 2015 2014 This Time
Poem January 2015 2014 Breaking My Heart Today
Poem January 2015 2014 Bittersweet Goodbyes
Poem February 2015 These Are The Moments
Poem February 2015 I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
Poem February 2015 I Never Met a Girl
Poem March 2015 She
Poem March 2015 My Heart
Poem April 2015 It's Taking Me a Long Time
Poem April 2015 So Tired of You
Poem May 2015 I Can't Slow Down
Poem May 2015 All I Ever Wanted To Do
Poem June 2015 The Only Thing
Poem July-August 2015 Summer Has Come
Poem July-August 2015 Event Horizon
Poem July-August 2015 Where Are We Now
Poem July-August 2015 Have You Given Up on Me
Poem September 2015 You're Looking Right Through Me Again
Poem October 2015 The Last Drop Of Summer
Poem October 2015 Balancing Act
Poem November 2015 You Opened up Your Heart
Poem November 2015 Don't Know What to Believe
Poem December 2015 A Picture of You
Poem December 2015 The High Road
Poem December 2015 Where Did My Purpose Go
Poem January 2016 2015 Any Town
Poem January 2016 2015 Start A New Day
Poem February 2016 2016 Nothing to be Said
Poem February 2016 2016 Alaska Under The Sun
Poem March 2016 The Surface
Poem April 2016 How Do You Do
Poem April 2016 All It Takes
Poem May 2016 You Can't Find No Relief
Poem May 2016 Any Way You'd Like
Poem June 2016 Do You Think We'll Make it to the End
Poem June 2016 Dry Your Eyes
Poem July 2016 Our Emotional Glow
Poem August 2016 I Was
Poem August 2016 The Bloodline
Poem September 2016 No Place For Children
Poem September 2016 Part of the Plan
Poem October 2016 Mollie
Poem November 2016 Monuments and Extremes
Poem November 2016 Moments of Regret
Poem December 2016 Wicked
Poem December 2016 One Last Time
Poem January 2017 Changing of The Guard
Poem January 2017 Constant Reminders
Poem February 2017 2017 Counting The Seasons
Poem March 2017 2017 It's Never Too Late
Poem March 2017 2017 It's Not A Blessing
Poem AprMay 2017 Together
Poem AprMay 2017 She Hid Herself So Well
Poem AprMay 2017 I Won't Blame You
Poem AprMay 2017 This Big Extreme
Poem June 2017 This History
Poem July 2017 Falling Apart
Poem August 2017 Hold on Tight
Poem August 2017 Don't Stand in the Rain
Poem September 2017 Bold
Poem October 2017 Safe Sailing
Poem October 2017 What Will Be
Poem October 2017 Out of Control
Poem November 2017 The Spark
Poem November 2017 Before It's Too Late
Poem December 2017 Does Anyone Care
Poem December 2017 Nuclear Winter
Poem January 2018 2017 I Can't Get Over Losing You
Poem January 2018 2017 Did She Ever Care
Poem February 2018 2018 The Fighting
Poem February 2018 2018 Secrets in the Midst
Poem March 2018 Here I Go Again
Poem April 2018 A Distant Memory
Poem April 2018 Up in The Clouds
Poem April 2018 He Left Her
Poem May 2018 When There's Nothing Left That Matters
Poem May 2018 If I Only Knew
Poem June 2018 You Must Be Fine With This
Poem June 2018 Faults
Poem June 2018 Thinking
Poem July 2018 Perfect Day
Poem July 2018 Is It Me or Is It You
Poem August 2018 The Severed Branch
Poem August 2018 Just Like Him
Poem August 2018 One Has to Wonder
Poem September 2018 Crystal Clear
Poem September 2018 Deep In Thought
Poem October 2018 Pilanesberg
Poem October 2018 I Don't Know Who I Am Anymore
Poem November 2018 Over and Out
Poem November 2018 The Limit
Poem December 2018 Feeling Lost
Poem December 2018 Whisper to Me
Poem January 2019 2018 That Sparkle in your Eyes
Poem February 2019 We Used to Laugh
Poem March 2019 Missing the Point
Poem April 2019 Dawn of Day
Poem April 2019 Remember When
Poem May 2019 Doing This Again
Poem June 2019 The Land
Poem June 2019 Time Flash
Poem July 2019 The Sea
Poem July 2019 The Air
Poem August 2019 The Loss
Poem August 2019 The Wind
Poem September 2019 Missing Out
Poem October 2019 Crystal Lake
Poem October 2019 Been Fighting This
Poem November 2019 The Invisible Light
Poem December 2019 It's Not Like Me
Poem December 2019 She's Not the Same Girl
Poem January 2020 2019 Inside You've Grown
Poem January 2020 2019 Listen to Me
Poem February 2020 If I Were Afraid
Poem February 2020 Trying Too Hard
Poem March 2020 Without a Plan
Poem April 2020 Lost
Poem May 2020 We Turned Off the Sun
Poem May 2020 Is It True
Poem May 2020 Like No Other
Poem June 2020 These Days, Oh These Days
Poem June 2020 Social Resistance
Poem June 2020 Take It All From Me
Poem July 2020 Sailboat Lake
Poem July 2020 Each Word in A Song
Poem August 2020 This Is How I Learned To Cry
Poem August 2020 Out of Sight Out of Mind
Poem August 2020 What is Your Wish
Poem August 2020 The Will to Glide
Poem August 2020 Frozen Moments
Poem September 2020 Long Lost Days
Poem September 2020 It Happens All The Time
Poem September 2020 All The Noise
Poem October 2020 Within the Inside
Poem October 2020 What Are We Missing Here
Poem October 2020 The Cost
Poem November 2020 Remember Me
Poem November 2020 The Ride
Poem November 2020 This Is Not My Country
Poem December 2020 It's Never Quite Clear
Poem December 2020 Are We Ready
Poem January2021 2020 I Don't Even Know
Poem January2021 2020 Spreader
Poem January2021 2020 A New Day
Poem February 2021 2021 Domino Dreams
Poem February 2021 2021 I Hope You Don't Mind
Poem February 2021 2021 New Fears
Poem March 2021 Stand Up Tall
Poem March 2021 Searching For Answers
Poem March 2021 Live Without
Poem April 2021 We're Here Today
Poem April 2021 Faces, Names, and Books
Poem May 2021 It's Not So Bad
Poem May 2021 In This Corner of the World
Poem June 2021 Like Every Other Day
Poem June 2021 I Caught Myself
Poem June 2021 A Distant Bell
Poem July 2021 Why is the Sea so Blue
Poem July 2021 I'm So Unsure
Poem August 2021 Anywhere I Go
Poem August 2021 It's About Time
Poem September 2021 How Long
Poem September 2021 Please Give Me A Moment
Poem September 2021 The Saints and Sinners
Poem October 2021 Make Some Sense
Poem October 2021 I Can't Imagine
Poem November 2021 My Head is Spinning
Poem November 2021 Pacing These Floors
Poem December 2021 Highlight Reel
Poem December 2021 Cause for Alarm
Poem December 2021 Not Knowing What to Say
Poem January 2022 2021 Here We Go Again
Poem January 2022 2021 Hide Away Eyes
Poem January 2022 2021 Living in the Age
Poem February 2022 It's Too Far To Reach
Poem February 2022 Shiny and Blue
Poem February 2022 Can't Do This Again
Poem March 2022 How Far Away Is It
Poem March 2022 What Will Be
Poem March 2022 The Variants Of Those Who Doubt It
Poem April 2022 Hard-Boiled Eggs
Poem April 2022 I Can't Imagine Where You've Been
Poem April 2022 Belson
Poem May 2022 I Saved Your Picture
Poem May 2022 Beyond Compare
Poem May 2022 Belson 2
Poem May 2022 The Art In You
Poem June 2022 Arranged Marriage
Poem June 2022 The Many Facets Of You
Poem June 2022 Like a Time Machine
Poem July 2022 The Girl in the Park
Poem July 2022 Unspeakable Goodbye
Poem August 2022 The Meaning Of Us
Poem August 2022 Covid20
Poem September 2022 The Dream
Poem September 2022 It Hurts Too Much
Poem September 2022 Too Hard To Forget
Poem October 2022 Enough Of Me
Poem October 2022 Your Reflection
Poem October 2022 Silver Course Loop
Poem November 2022 On the Outside
Poem November 2022 Do You Still Dream?
Poem November 2022 A Boy in the Park
Poem December 2022 I Don't Know What To Do
Poem December 2022 When We Were Young
Poem January 2023 2022 Not Knocking On Your World
Poem January 2023 2022 Letting Go Is Not Something I Know
Poem February 2023 Romantic Things
Poem February 2023 I Can't Believe
Poem April 2023 Broken
Poem April 2023 You Ghosted Me
Poem May 2023 Sentimental Ways
Poem September 2023 Remember Who We Are
Poem September 2023 Can You Remember Me
Poem October 2023 Before it Begun
Poem November 2023 Angel of the Past
Poem November 2023 That Exact Way
Poem December 2023 Traditions Lie
Poem January 2024 2023 The Blame
Poem February 2024 Every Passing Day
Poem February 2024 A Thought
Poem March 2024 We Didn't Know
Poem March 2024 All These Years
Poem April 2024 Hanging
Poem April 2024 Technicolor Lights
Poem May-Jun 2024 We Never Went Out For That Pizza
Poem May-Jun 2024 Above All Else
Poem May-Jun 2024 Point of View
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