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I Can't Tell

By Bruce Clifford

I can't tell the way I'm feeling
I know I've living with this too long
At night I cry looking at the darkness
And once in a while I try to write it in a song

I try to write down mixed emotions
I try to put them in phrase
Can't get by on trips on the ocean
One has to face these things everyday

I can't tell the way I'm dreaming
I have visions each and every night
Thinking of the noises of the city
All the things being done out of spite

I try to write down mixed emotions
I try to catch them in a song
And long ago a had a memory
Now I know where I belong

I see your reflection in the ocean
Your waves are crashing down on me
Your games are playing with my emotions
Eat me up and swallow me

1/25/10 Bruce Clifford

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