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2008, A Year Of Dramatic Change

By Bruce Clifford

I expect 2008 to be a year of dramatic change for many people including myself. I hope it's all for the better, and my goals will be to work to make some changes take place even if they are little ones. 2008 is going to be engulfed by the Presidential Elections. I can't say I am excited about the campaigns. Yes, we need a change, but I along with many people get tired of the endless ads and TV bickering back and fourth between the many candidates. Does changing who leads this Country make a difference anymore?

I am not a political minded person. I do vote for the best person I 'think' can do the job regardless of political party. I have never voted for any of the Bush's but at least I can say I voted.

I am more concerned about domestic issues here in the US and within the Countries of our allies. I care about the rising cost of health care coverage and the overall cost of living and poor economy. I care about getting people who are out of work, back to work. I care a lot about the horrible real estate environment right now here in the States. High interest rates and property taxes have a lot to do with the direction our economy is taking. I care about the 30% increase in home foreclosures in 2007 and I am worried about those trends continuing in 2008. I care about the many victims of storms like Hurricane Katrina who are still without many necessities in life. I can go on for days about many domestic issues in this Country that are not fully being addressed. Don't even get me started on education. Our country does a horrible job educating our children.

I don't know how so many of the people who work everyday jobs for $10.00 per hour (more or less) survive? Gas is over $3.00 per gallon and I don't know how many people pay to drive to work let alone pay for their living expenses whatever they are?

In my opinion, spending billions of dollars fighting these silly wars in other parts of the world are a total waste of time and are all about oil. Why are we worried about other places when we can't fix our own? To me the fix sounds so easy, but what do I know? To reiterate, I am not a political minded person. I would love to see just one candidate with the balls to say "we have to fix what's broken here first" and then have the courage to follow through with those promises.

My vote is still very undecided regardless of who is nominated. Maybe I will vote for myself.

    Feel free to write in my name as well if you don't find the candidate you are looking for.

Happy 2008!!

Love and Peace,

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Name: John I. Blair Email:
Comment: Bruce, Thanks for speaking your mind. I think we would agree, at least in principle, on many things. Best of all, you do vote. So many have given this up, their birthright as citizens. Sure, the choice of candidates may rarely include the one you really want, but having the choice remains so important. My personal belief is that election day should be a national holiday, with the proviso that you only get paid if you can prove you went and cast your ballot on that day. JIB



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