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Face of Deception

By Bruce Clifford

She has a face of deception
Her eyes run wild and cold
If she captures you with her vision
She'll see that your heart has been sold

She has the look of an angel
When she sings it will bring you to your knees
With her ways of false deliverance
She will take you to your darkest dreams

I once wrote a song of love
Now I see the truth and tragedy
She wears a face of deception
It's the only way that she can be
It's the only way

She has the look of an angel
But her cries late at night will haunt your dreams
Once she takes you into her fold
All your love songs will turn into screams

She smiles with a face of deception
She calculates her own master plan
At night he will surrender her passion
In the morning she will cut off your hand

She wore a face of deception
That was so long ago
Last night she appeared in the mirror
She proved that she has an everlasting hold

2003 Bruce Clifford  

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