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By Bruce Clifford

I once heard a song playing in my mind
I thought you would recognize it so I played it one more time
Soon I realized it was another side effect in my brain
The tapes keep spinning around and driving me insane

Cos she pulled the plug on my lifeline
It was the oxygen I needed to survive
Now the only thing that matters to me
Is the memory of a song I wrote called "fighting to be free"

There is no rhythm or balance
There are no instant cures
What happened here seems so long ago
Come pick me up off of the floor

Cos she pulled the plug on my lifeline
She turned the love I had inside out
Now the only thing I have left to keep me alive
Is filling me with perpetual doubt

She pulled the plug on my lifeline
Now it's driving me to the brink
Now the one thing I could have hoped for is drifting away
And let me tell you this really stinks

6/22/10 Bruce Clifford

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