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I Don't Know Why

By Bruce Clifford

Maybe one day she will see me for who I really am
Maybe one day she will realize I'm just a down to earth man
I don't know where things went wrong
As I write the words to this heartfelt song

I don't know what else to say

Maybe I was encouraged by a simple gesture of faith
Maybe I discovered a new liquid pouring from the rain
I don't know why things went wrong
Now all I can do is wish we could get along

I'm not the man you think you see

All these pictures in the room
Turn my head in silent tune
Make the journey
Cut me out
Tell me something
Make it loud

All the memories of yesterday
Take the deal and feel betrayed
Skeptic systems bleeding in
Winds of change are here, begin

All the tribes that do and say
Listen to the faulty spray
Shock wave schematics turn to dust
Words exchange and loss of trust

Residual shock waves, hear me out
I'm not here to cause you doubt
Twisted memories and silent wound
Mixed up in this clouded room

Maybe one day she will see me for who I really am
Maybe one day she will discover I'm really not so bad
I don't know why I let things get out of control
And I don't know why, but I still have my soul

5/26/07 Bruce Clifford

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