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Controlled Chaos

By Bruce Clifford

Flight of fancy
Be what we want to be
Feel the pain
Am I to blame
Point to the center underneath the phenomenal star
That's who we are
That's what we are

Dig deep young lady
Be who your father said you would be
Wouldn't it be easier to set it free
Organized is the sonic blend
Petrified is the acoustic trend
For once defend me
For once defend me

Living by controlled chaos
Massive eruptions side bye side with light
Oh what a sight

Striving for paranormal reduction
Satisfied with blind interruption
Living by controlled chaos tonight

It's like you put me in a deep freeze
A wounded soldier counting the falling leaves
This couldn't be

It's like we landed on solid rock
Wind and rain is all we got
Living by controlled chaos, alright

Flight to nowhere
Getting closer
Feel the energy
Promise and pain
Time's a factor
Remain organized
Use your senses
We can get out of this thing alive

Living by controlled chaos
Massive eruptions side bye side tonight
Who's got this right

Striving for paranormal reduction
Satisfied with cosmic seduction
Living by controlled chaos tonight

Controlled chaos is what it's worth living for
Controlled chaos is like opening up Pandora's door
Who dares to explore

Controlled chaos is the tonic mixed with the gin
Controlled chaos is watching more pouring in
The mind will play tricks on you, it always does

Dig deep young lady
You once defended me
It sounds so crazy
An organized acoustic trend
The cycle repeats my friend
The round a bout never ends
The sky clears and it all begins again

Controlled chaos is driving my sails tonight
You got it right

7/8/07 Bruce Clifford

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