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You're Not Alone

By Bruce Clifford

I think we should end it all today
Maybe we should throw all of this away
I am lost for words because the truth has settled in
Is this where we give up or where we begin

I wish I could find the strength inside
Maybe there's a weakness, or is it my pride
I get so confused with this truth confronting me
There is so much more in who I could be

Through these years I've come face to face with my doubts and faults
Behind these tears I really believe we have a chance to make it after all

Now how can you trust the voices that you hear
Telling you lies and creating what you really fear
If you pay close attention to the truth confronting you
You're not alone, we are all in this too

I think we should end it all today
Maybe we should shut down and call it a day
I get so tired of not believing in who we could be
There's a whole new truth for us to believe

10/25/03 Bruce Clifford  

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