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By Bruce Clifford

The wound is tied to mirrors of tonight
The face you see is who I really am
In a moment of time a morning bird takes flight
This is the reason why I'm taking my stand

Pass me the microphone, I have something for you
I'm living in the chaos of a world full of abuse
Then you came to me and held out your hand
You said, "excuse me Mr. I think I understand"

Then the wind blew in from far across the sea
On the beach wondering if she remembers me
And for a moment I can see her picking up a shell
Then it comes to me this isn't heaven, I'm really in hell

Then the wind blew across this island in the rain
God, did you lead me down this path of empty pain
And for a second I can see a photograph and a book
One crack of thunder and I'm taken off the hook

Pass me the microphone, I have a new song for you
All those around me are pulling me into two
All I've asked for was a moment of peace and sun
Now the sky is dark and rains have just begun

The wound has hardened my heart, I'm not the same
Those who I thought were my friends were playing a different game
Then for a moment I can see her in the reflections in the waves
"Excuse me Mr. you're standing in my rays"

Pass me a microphone, I need some peace of mind
All those around me are telling stories and are telling lies
One day you came to me and held out your hand
Now the chain is broken and is buried in the sand

5/5/07 Bruce Clifford

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