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East Side/West Side

By Bruce Clifford

You're on your way out of here
Taking time to ride the fears
of the breaking hearts and septic heartfelt days

You wind the spin and find the tide
Taking another extra long ride
Motion sickness is the cause of fear
Blame it on the silent tear
Blame it on the ride

East side
West side
All over town
Take me off the beat
Turn my world upside down

East side
West side
What is your plan
Take me to the ends of the earth
Hold out your hand

You come here with your identity changed
Your world re-arranged
Back to the same old place you once knew
The glimpse of the hour that came into view
You know it too

East side
West side
The line and the curse
Which ones are these
Which ones are worse

East side
West side
Taking in the light
The motion of conscience
The tide and the night

5/5/08 Bruce Clifford

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