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Help Me, Friend

By Bruce Clifford

Help me friend
It's time to defend
These long hollow halls
These quick dry brick walls
The quiet waterfalls

You are magic
You are reason
You are one
You are treason
You are rich
You are blame
You are devise
You are the game

Pull the sword from my heart
That would be the place to start
These dark windy nights
These dreams of failed flights
The losing of our rights

You are history
You are reason
You are time
You are the season
You are time
You are space
You are the gun
You are the lace

Tell me what you're thinking
Tell me what you desire
Tell me what you are dreaming
Tell me about the fire

(c)10/08/06 Bruce Clifford

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Name: John I. Blair Email:
Comment: Is it just me, or is this a current political commentary? Very thought-provoking.



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