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Rest in Peace

By Bruce Clifford

Breaking down the attraction
Hanging on to the velvet line
Make your way to the nuclear reaction
Rest in peace during quiet time

I'm no Romeo, you're no Cinderella
But that's okay as long as you don't mind
If I take you under my umbrella
Rest in peace during doubtful times
Rest in peace when the brigade arrives

Breaking down the walls and castles
Hanging on to the firing line
Letting go of the truth you would never know
Letting it out before you hold on to any doubt
Letting go before the evil takes a hold
Letting it out before you forget what this is all about

Holding on like a fatal attraction
Breaking through to the best part in you
Make your way to the dawn of reflection
It's okay if you whisper to the blue
Rest in peace to those who came before you

1/9/05 Bruce Clifford  

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