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By Bruce Clifford

Going round and round and round my head
Sometimes I wish you would have left me for dead
What did I do to deserve this part of you
Don't you see, can't you tell what I'm going through
Oh yea

Counting victims and leaving them lost in the sand
Dancing on shoe strings is something I don't understand
Why have you played with my own common sense
The mirror does crack when you're talking dollars and cents
Oh yea, oh yea, oh yea, oh yea

Friction, is there any wonder that we are part of it all
Friction, there's no justice when you're destroying it all
It all comes down to friction
Like science fiction, oh yea, oh yea

What are you doing inside my mind
What are you doing to my soul
Why are you walking out onto the ledge
It appears that you are letting go

I've been awake many dark lonely nights
I've been the slave to the betrayed and the mean
You have wandered into an unchartered zone
Don't run, don't hide, you never leave me alone

Friction, is there any wonder that you are not the same
Friction, I can still believe that you are thunder and rain
It all comes down to friction
Oh yea, oh yea

by: Bruce Clifford
7/25/04 Avatar Music  

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