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A Picture of You

By Bruce Clifford

There was a picture of you
Just before I was born
Did you know what we were to do
Then you were gone

There was a memory or two
Not long before the bell
All we were destined to go through
Our unconditional hell

Living identical lives
Believing all of the insipid lies
We’re counting on stars and on extremes
Tell me what this all means
Tell me what this all means

There was a picture of you
Were you thinking about the stars
Or were you dreaming of internal scars
To tell me who we really are
Or were you wishing to get away from here
I saw the picture of you in that empty stare

There was a picture of you
Taken just before I came along
Did you know this wasn’t from out of the blue
I saw this picture of you
From just after 1962
A memory or two
I saw a picture of you

©11/2/15 Bruce Clifford

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