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Who Are We?

By Bruce Clifford

The earth will fly again
The bird will cry again
Every word is phrased
Every mind is dazed

The sea will die again
The heart will lie again
I can't see a love
I can't reach above

So who are we to reach the age
Tumbling frustrations like we're locked in the lions cage
Reaching out to the openness of time
Taking changes before they read between the lines

The earth will try again
The fish will cry again
Every fight is belief
Every dawn filled with grief

The clouds will rise again
The lows and highs again
I reach but could no longer feel
The sun and the radiation is real

So who are we to reach the silent moon
Questions without answers like a child's morning cartoon
Crying for forgiveness for a soul to capture me
Writing the answers before we are told what we have to be
Who are we

Who are we
Who are we to tell
Who are we
Who are we to sell

So who are we to reach beyond the depths of time
Portraying the system that caused this thing to unwind
Landing on the mountain where a light shines upon me
Talking to the shadows who are asking who are we

8/13/06 Bruce Clifford

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