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Down The Hatch

By Bruce Clifford

Down the hatch
Button the latch
Sniff and scratch
You renegade

Are you hearing voices again my friend
Or are you too wrapped up in the moment
To ever come back again
Are you feeling self preserved
Or have you had enough of the emotional twist
That's getting on my nerves

It's been so long now
I don't think I can remember your eyes
Vanishing liquid is all I can see
Remembering all the games and lies

Are you hearing voices again my friend
Or are you too caught up in tomorrow
To ever get what we had back again
Are you running on the edge
This time is the last time without falling off of the ledge

Down the hatch
Are you seeing this too
Oh, all this chemical glow
Tell me all the things I was supposed to know

It's been so long now
I can hardly picture your face
Faded capsules of time are hard to see
Once there was a place for you and me

6/29/08 Bruce Clifford

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