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By Bruce Clifford

At the start of 2008 I wrote an article regarding how this year will be consumed by the Presidential elections and its candidates. I spoke of the basic ideas and platforms that should be addressed during the election process. I even offered up myself as someone with very little political knowledge as a candidate for President. We are now halfway into this campaign and all I see are higher gas prices and consumable goods, and 3 candidates who have done next to nothing to address what's going wrong with our economy.

I don't care if our next President is male or female, white or black. I don't care if he or she is a Republican or a Democrat. They say the first step into solving a problem is to admit that there is one. Alcoholics, drug addicts and gamblers all have to admit there is a problem before they can honestly face their demons. Our Presidential candidates need to do the same. Someone needs to step up and say "this Country is in a recession and I am going to give you MY plan to get us out of it". As each candidate campaigns to discredit the other, the primary issues this Country is facing are being ignored.

I went to fill up my gas tank this morning and for the first time I paid over $4.00 per gallon. As I began pumping this valuable fuel into my gas tank my heart began to race a bit faster and my head began to pound even though I had woken up in a pretty good mood knowing today was going to be a short day at work with a long holiday weekend upcoming. To make matters worse, the gas tank did not print a receipt for me, so I had to go inside the station and ask for one. I was kind of upset by the time I got to the cashier and even sadly took it out on her a bit when I stated "you would think at $4.039 per gallon you could have the machines work correctly and print the receipts"? I know it was not her fault, but this entire situation has got me seeing red.

I work for a company that just filed for bankruptcy. We are staying in business, but will be closing approximately 20% of our stores. This is all due to the economy as people do not have money to spend. This will be putting so many people out of work and into a job market where the pickings are slim because companies everywhere have put the freeze on hiring. What will happen to all of these people who will no longer have jobs? How are people going to be able to provide for themselves and families the basic necessities in life? This is going on in many sectors.

    Note to our Presidential Candidates: Admit the truth, we are in a recession.
    Note to our acting so called President: Admit the truth, you have no clue what the word recession means for if you did you would have admitted that we are in one and would be working with your cabinet on solutions.

    My plan is to only drive when I have to. Unless there is a place I have to be my car will remain parked in my driveway. When I go to the grocery store I will only purchase the things I really need for my family and not buy anything extra because I want it. I will use coupons and purchase items that are on sale. I will no long drive to the movies and then spend $8.00 per ticket and another $20.00 for popcorn and drinks. I will do everything I can to keep my family safe, healthy, and will provide them with everything they need, but the time has come to do away with many of the things WE want.

Once again, I am your Presidential candidate if the other three clowns continue to fail to step up to meet our basic needs.

Good luck to everyone.
Bruce Clifford

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