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Goodbye Mother Goodbye

By Bruce Clifford

I almost missed the flight
To get to my mothers side
Mother had died
Before I arrived back home

Home is now a strange land
All of my friends have changed
Traveling in a rock n roll band
Until now I thought I was always the same
I should have never gone away

I knocked on David's door who barely gave me the time of day
The Albano's who once lived next door have packed up and have moved away
I better pay my respects and pack up my guitar and go
I feel at home with this rock n roll show
I never had the chance to say goodbye
It was so hard to get back here and I don't know why
Goodbye mother goodbye

On the road I miss all the people I used to know
Maybe one day by chance they will come see our show
Like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle we are scattered across this land
I used to like the road, but now it's a place I really can't stand
I should have stayed at home so I could have held my mothers hand
Goodbye mother goodbye

9/25/85 Bruce Clifford
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