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We Did Not Care

By Bruce Clifford

We killed the silent fear of the siren
We lived in the depths of the dying
We believe that a cosmic void was secured
We concede that living for dreams is what we endured

Don't touch the hand of the moment
Set aside the rules of the mile
Circumstances of a cold heart breaking
Hydrogen and oxygen in this bio hazard world

We killed the hour and faced the lifetime
We lived with the habits of a desperate child
We believed in chances during the sitting of the chair
We took our stance and we knew it could never be fair
We didn't care

v Don't touch the palm for the moment
Take your mind to another quiet side
Broken promises of the King at the showdown
Come for the ride and stay up with me tonight
I don't usually bite

"Oh, so I see you met my friend Vinny?
He's was such a nice guy, until he flew over the sky"

Don't touch the shadows of this horror we try to deny
Take your beating and let the bygones hang you out to dry
I thought I could trust you, but my memory is hard to break
Caught in the crossfire of the living and the betrayed

(c)10/28/06 Bruce Clifford

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