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Catching Up With You Today

By Bruce Clifford

Catching up with you today
Seemed just like old times
I look at you, you never change
You still have that sparkle in your eyes

Sitting down one on one
Capturing all the missing years
The pain, the drama, and the fun
Wish you never had to shed those tears

I know that tomorrow will be a brighter day
There has to be a reason you came here today
I know tomorrow the light is going to shine on you again
With every year that has passed us, we could still call ourselves friends

Listening about your life today
Many of the characters of changed
The past is a thought, and tomorrow is new
What's left in the middle remains strange

Remembering the voices from years past
Remembering the lovers which never did last
Remembering the choices in this ever changing place
Remembering the way I once fell for you girl

Catching up with you today
These are such different times
We had so many things we had to say
None of them were lies

Sitting down in a quiet room
Making it through each day
You put a smile on my face
Catching up with you today

11/2/06 Bruce Clifford  

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Reader Comments

Name: Dave Email: Unlisted
Comment: I think I will hum this one as well...Brill Dave



Name: Shawn Rainbolt Email:
Comment: I love this one! It is very catchy almost like something to hum to yourself throughout the day....



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