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You Can't Find No Relief

By Bruce Clifford

You canít take the rage
You canít join the rave
Itís like three jokers trying to make the grade

You canít work it out
You canít run around
Itís like the end of a record just before the last sound

You canít look at me
You canít go to the east
You canít reach for the sky
You canít keep getting high
You canít find no relief

You canít be talked down
You canít come around
You canít stand to dance
You canít come down from the trance
You canít get to the riverside

You canít fake the fall
You canít lead a call
Itís like a lost memory tied up in a medicine ball

You canít look at me
You canít head to the sea
You canít go for that pie
You canít keep getting by
You canít find no relief

©4/18/16 Bruce Clifford

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