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I Don't Want You Around

By Bruce Clifford

All I thought about you was a lie
This vision hit me just in time
Youíre no easy friend to ever want to keep around
Why donít you get out of my face and move to some far away town
I donít want you around

All you described to me was false
In time nothing was real at such a cost
Youíre too cynical to want to have around
Why donít you pack up your lies and fly off to another town
I donít want you around

I donít want you around here
I donít want you to be near
Iíve had enough of your selfish ways
I donít want you around

All this time you were just a lie
The moments shared were a disguise
Youíre too much work for me to want to keep you around
Why donít you just walk away and cut your losses in this town
I donít want you around

©5/16/14: Bruce Clifford

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