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Part III - Songs From Conversations (The Big Bang)

By Bruce Clifford

(The Big Bang)

Songs from conversations
Understanding what they might say
Any inspiration
As quick as they come they go away

Songs from conversations
A meeting of the minds
The heart in every nation
Each road and path we will find

I could have lived another life
A thousand years ago
I could have spoken another language
I guess we'll never know

Songs from conversations
I watch it on the news
I'm not sure if it's valued and pure
Don't know if you watch it too

Songs from conversations
The vital links to life
Dreams and inspirations
I don't know what else to write
I don't know what else to write
Songs from conversations

Then there was the big band
And the universe was born
Gave birth to this madness

Now I think
I might need a shrink
Put an end to this sadness

And in your heart of hearts
In your heart of hearts

Songs from conversations
I couldn't have been talking to myself
Every false direction
The sign of the unbreakable spell
I know you know it well

2/3/06 Bruce Clifford

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