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Broken Over You

By Bruce Clifford

All I want to do is to make everything okay
All I wish I could do is to take all of your heartache away

When you're in pain
My heart feels broken into two
I stare out at the rain
I don't what else I can do
When my heart is broken, so broken over you

I don't understand how anyone could disappoint you
I can't comprehend how anyone could hurt you

When you're in pain
My mind tries to tell me what I should do
It's so very hard to explain
I wish I could take all this hurt away from you
When my heart is broken, so broken over you

It's so unfair when everything in your world gets turned upside down
I wish I could turn everything around

When you're feeling low
There are so many words I wish I could say to you
I wish your smile could once again show
I would do anything thing to help you through
When my heart is broken, so broken over you

7/8/12 Bruce Clifford

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