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Lack of Pearls (The Wooly Worm)

By Bruce Clifford

Lack of moisture
Lack of pearls
Without hope
Without love

Lack of reason
Lack of truth
Without dreams
Without desire

A radiation cloud fogged the images inside my mind
Like the wooly worm just struggling to survive
I counted the days before you came into my real
If I could tell you all the different ways this dream could be real
If you look into my eyes you would see what I feel

Lack of moisture
Lack of light
Lack of poetry
Black as night

Lack of science
Lack of jewels
Lack of air
Lack of pearls

I watch too much CNN at night
This reality is not black and white
The water is drying up and there is so little to drink
The wooly worm has a chance if he could learn to fly away
Some make it to that day

Lack of moisture
Lack of pearls
Lack of air to breath
Lack of whom to believe

Lack of religion
Lack of time
Lack of pearls
Lack of pearls

10/18/05 Bruce Clifford  

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