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The Land

By Bruce Clifford

A faint sound came from the land
Where we walk is where we stand
Choose your things to do so wisely
Youíre on the land of soul and ivory

Take a moment to choose your sound
On the land you can get around
Each time you take a step towards the sea
You're on the land emotionally

I can hear the land talk to me
I can smell the scent
Time and space are bent

A faint sound came from the land
Walking single file with our toes in the sand
I know itís hard to find an escape
The land is here for us to take

A cry for help from a distant land
Where dreamers dream to understand
Take each day with strength and honor
The law of the land makes the heart grow fonder

A faint sound came from the land
Where we once roamed and took a stand
A new day comes as yesterday fades
Comes to the land that never betrays

©5/19/19 Bruce Clifford

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