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Many Lifetimes

By Bruce Clifford

I knew one day you would arrive
We said goodbye all those lifetimes ago
Many different times
All the words we trust to hold

I don't know why you can't see
All those things that we used to be
I don't know what's changed over time
We were in love for many lifetimes

I don't know what's changed in your soul
The universe has always pointed us to hold
I don't know why your memory is blocked
Rain soaked and lost in time again
I know this will not be the end

I knew you would tap me on my knee
As the wind spoke to a time when we believed
I can't go on knowing you cannot see the signs
I'm heartbroken as we are together trapped in time
Wish I could hold you in my arms

I knew one day you would arrive
We danced together in many different lives
I don't know what you can't see, why can't you feel
My heart and soul are lost, but our love remains real

2/4/13 Bruce Clifford

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