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Everything She Said

By Bruce Clifford

I fell asleep for a hundred years
I lost my thoughts and I found my fears
I left my prints in the garden when I was young
I walked to the station just for the fun
Just for the fun

I fell asleep for a thousand dreams
I lost my mind and I found extremes
I left my mark at the waters edge
I flew to the point of falling off the ledge
Everything she said
Everything she said
Was going to be

I fell asleep for a moment in time
I lost my balance, but I found my wine
I left my dreams by the water side
I drifted apart and watched my worlds collide

Thinking about the days
All your mysterious ways
How I wish I could hold you so near
All these dreams made perfectly clear

I fell asleep as there was nothing I could do
I lost my heart, but then I found you
I left my soul just to find a way
I walked to the end when you said 'have a nice day'
La la la
Everything she said
Take my hand
It's time for bed
Everything she said

11/12/2010 Bruce Clifford

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