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By Mary E. Adair

August 2003!

Well, your editor is back with a top notch issue bulging with all kinds of goodies, including an article with some information about what she's been doing, "Tribute of a Patient," and a different report ("Get Well") on one segment of said absence shared by and authored by Leo C. Helmer himself. The other article ("The Ottoman Empire") is by Dr. Sam Vaknin from his continued series on the development and intricacies of the Islamic religion. Remember as you browse this month to click an author's name for his/her biography and a clickable list of other things by the writer published in Pencil Stubs Online.

Columns are fewer in this ezine since we didn't receive new material from our Irish columnist Mattie Lennon nor from pbobby, both, I hope, are enjoying their summertime. Mike Craner has been doing double duty lately but hopes to bring us some wise words in September. Those making the deadline are:
Cassandra with "Cassandra's World"
LC Van Savage with "Consider This"
Leo C. Helmer with "Cookin' With Leo"
C. Miles Flynn with "Good Morning Mom"
Pete Miller with "Stellar Notions" and
Gerard Meister with "Thinking Out Loud."

Twenty-four poems should give you interesting reading as you compare the styles of Bruce Clifford's three: "Another," "Cry To Me (The Battle Call)" and "Joe;" to M. Jay Mansfield's "Damaged Goods" and "Love and Lust;" or Judith Alexander's "Lucky Dogs" and "The Cowl;" to Sam Vaknin's "Selfdream" and "The Miracle of The Kisses." Few comparisons may be drawn between the two Blair's styles though they sometimes have the same subject matter such as her poem "Wasps Redux (A Karmic Lament)" and his "Wasp Nest." Perhaps Peter Tonge's "Dela" finds an echo in Philip Hennessey's "To Be...with YOU" or perhaps it is that both are very romantic, but so, in a more cheerful way, is John I. Blair's "You Are My Sunshine."

"On The Wings of A Bluejay" by Sheila Keith sounds a whimsical note as does The One's "The Reality of Dreams," while John D. Strain chimes a deeper mystical chord with "For Summer...Of The Blood." Speaking of reality and summer, "Texas Summer" by John I. Blair rings true, and he adds "Morning Mist," and "Inspiration" to make us see into the beauties around us. Brooke Clifford, daughter of Bruce, sends a poignant verse which will perhaps tug your conscience if you are prompted to think of someone you once knew. Clara Blair shows us a different type of poetic verse with "Night of the Rat," then recalls a sterling moment locked in memory with "Scarlet Song." She really sums up the creative urge of artists everywhere, however, in her poem "Crazy Free."

As always, readers are urged to give the writers feedback and in this ezine, our webmaster Mike Craner has made that easy to do. Simply use the comments section at the bottom of the writing when you wish to respond. Or, if there is no comment section under the piece, click on "The Wall" on the sidebar and make your comment there. Authors thrive on compliments and constructive criticism. If you wish to write something for publication, use the submit button on the sidebar and your composition will be considered for a future issue.

Meanwhile, enjoy reading the August issue, and we'll see you next month!  

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