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By Mary E. Adair

October 2003

Lovely month of Fall when the foliage begins to change to luscious shades of pumpkin, russet, gold, yellow, and various hues of red to brown, and fashion colors change also. In fact, many changes pop up, beginning with watching to reset the clock if you are among those who dwell in Daylight Savings time zones, and TV schedules to check out for viable shows for pre-adult viewing if you are a conscientious parent. (And if you are one, you better start checking right away this season, as the rules in language and nudity are vastly relaxed from previous ones.)

Perhaps one of the changes will be that people will be indoor more as the weather cools, and will have more time for book or online reading. We have a fine place for them to start that new habit with this issue's contents.

First, we have a timely, interesting, and important article by Michael (Mike) Craner, who is also our partner who keeps us looking good online each month. As webmaster for this site, as well as for a couple of popular chat sites, we know he stays on his toes even when not at work on his full-time job. A devoted husband and father, he likes to be in the midst of his family, sharing the trials and triumphs right along with them. This article gives us insight into his personal battles so well hidden ordinarily, and points out how much more diligent and exemplary he is in persisting in his webmaster's extra duties, though he doesn't say this, your editor does. Gratitude is too small a word to convey thanks for all that he has done for PSO and yours truly through the years. Put reading his article "The Battle Within" at the top of your list.

Regular columnists (and WHAT would we do without them!) in this issue are:

    LC Van Savage with "Consider This"
    Leo C. Helmer with "Cookin' With Leo"
    C. Miles Flynn with "Good Morning Mom"
    Mattie Lennon with "Irish Eyes"
    Pete Miller with "Stellar Notions" and
    Gerard Meister with "Thinking Out Loud."

We garnered a good harvest of poetry for this October ezine including a bumper crop of poems from Clara Blair. Poems by her in this issue are: "Communion," "Dancing on the Titanic," "Gecko Strut," "Going Back to the Sea," and "Reddish Egret, Dancing." Adding to the bounty, her husband John I. Blair sent along "Early in The Morning," "No Doubt," "Rat Poisoning," and "The Price of Freedom."

Noreen M. Bailey aka Creativlit, submits the cleverly phrased "Empty Pockets," "Mending Picket Fences," and "Politically Correct." Brooke Clifford does the poem "Escape," and her father, Bruce Clifford - one of our most prolific authors, sent along "Get Out."

"Everyone Has Lied To Me," by Peter Tonge, is accompanied by "He Watches Me," and "Strange Dream." The latter is one of the best poetic testimonies ever written. "God's Loving Embrace" by Sheila Keith is a song of confidence. Judith Alexander's varied viewpoints are shown in the three poems "Poor Baby," "Shooting Away," and "The Firepit."

But two of our poets have only one poem each this month - LSeeker with "Million Doubts," and M. Jay Mansfield with his "Tomorrow's Wait" which was written prior to the advance of Hurricane Isabel onto/over/through his area of the USA. We're happy to report he and his loved ones are safe, but their area will still require a great deal of reconstruction and road clearing. As with other locations, they were without power for days.

What you must not miss reading is the story "A Breath in Time" by Craig Gaffney, about his daughter. This is true, very poignant, and healing in its intent and insight. We have held this story for a long time while certain legalities had to be ironed out. Finally, Craig gave us the go ahead to publish. We do so with love and pride.

We hope that you readers will give feedback to the writers included in this issue. It is put together with care and much thought to bringing quality reading for you. The writers are not paid, nor charged, to be in Pencil Stubs Online, and your comments go a long way to keep them involved in the writing process. Look into being one of our authors yourself...we will be happy to consider your work for publication. And, don't forget, you can post anytime to the Wall.

See you next month!  

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