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By Mary E. Adair


Did we hear murmers of dissent?
Can the year be so nearly at an end?
Where did the time go?

Well, obviously, some of our authors spent part of that time writing or dreaming.... and some in writing about their dreams or other reflective, meditative sessions. Prime example is M. Jay Mansfield's "Dreamworld," closely followed by "Running" by Brooke Clifford. Like a dream sequence, "The Chimes" by Judith Alexander, is a pure, isolated scene. The Blairs, Clara with "Legacy" and John with "Listening To An Indian Flute," chime in with thoughtful reasons to keep on keeping on, as does Bruce Clifford with "You're Not Alone." His other poem for November is "As Long as You're Mine." Peter Tonge underlines faith in "Believe," while Sheila Keith promises remembrance "For The Children."

John I. Blair adds the poems "As Long As I Am Hurting," "Freedom To Vote," "Rainy Day," and "Gulls," for this issue. Clara Blair remembers her pastor in "God's Fool (For Rev. Kit Howell, 1951-1996) and shares her view of "White Pelicans."

Brooke Clifford declares her perspective of teenage love in "It's Just A Game," while Dr. Sam Vaknin's "Snowflake Haikus" and "In Moist Propinquity" give a male conquest slant on romance. Noreene M. Bailey adds humor to her social considerations with "Alligator Escapades," and "Training The Elephant," as does LC Van Savage with the cheerful "Sister Bernadette Gets Down."

Though she is one of our columnists, LC Van Savageenjoys producing other types of writing, as shown with the poem just mentioned, and the poignant short story for this month, "Chance Meeting." Her column, "Consider This" is a regular feature of Pencil Stubs Online. Other columnists are:

    Leo C. Helmer, author of "Cookin' With Leo;"
    Mattie Lennon - "Irish Eyes;"
    Gerard Meister - "Thinking Out Loud;" and
    Pete Miller - "Stellar Notions."

As always, we wish to thank authors for sharing their work through this ezine. Some of our columnists also have newspaper columns in the 3-D world, and LC Van Savage even hosts a weekly talk show as well. Professionals have found this an excellent site to showcase their talent and reach a wider audience. We and our readers benefit from this also. Some ezines focus only on compositions for which they charge to publish; some focus on one genre of writing; some focus on one geographical area or even differentiate due to the author's gender. We enjoy the variety our policy affords and find the encouragement of new authors continues to be a cherished goal.

If you would like to see your poetry, story, or article showcased in PSO, submit it for consideration. Our co-founder and webmaster Michael Craner displays the "submit" button on the sidebar to make sending your work convenient. Try it!!

See you in December!  

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