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For Marla

By Mary E. Adair

Faces -- Millions of faces
From all God's various places
Faces soft and faces kind
Faces oft of the mean, we find.
Cheeks that smile, eyes that flirt
Noses long and noses pert
High foreheads and low, we see
And lips of multi-variety
Single and double chins quite round
And dimples here and there are found
Complexions dark, complexions pale
Brows thin, or shaped like a sail
Endless combinations, each new
So I look like me, and you are you
Though few of us admit this part
We each are God's original art
But your face has a glow so pure
Everyone can see God's signature.

Copyright November 25, 2003 Mary E. Adair  

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Reader Comments

Name: Melinda Email:
Comment: Hadn#apos#t read this one before -- I really like it. Wish you had #quot#What Color is a Soul#quot# on this list. That poem was one of the most profound I#apos#ve ever read. Good work!



Name: Clara Email:
Comment: What a lovely tribute!



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