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By Mary E. Adair

January 2004

Happy New Year! Seeing as how this is Volume 6, Issue 12, the new publishing year begins with the February issue. Maybe that beginning will bring out some thoughts for the new year because it seems none of our authors chose to address resolutions (good or bad) or any other plans for 2004.

Reflections on the past, longings for the past, unfinished plans of the past ... these form the bulk of this month's ezine. Other than the poem "Each Day's A Gift" by John I. Blair, one is hard pressed to find any "looking forward musing" from our writers. Even John's companion poems for January, muse on what once was, or continues to be. {See "Basking in Each Other's Presence," "Pencil Stubs," "Scato-Logical," "Clouds," and "Step By Step.") Clara Blair's "Dream Visit" turned my thoughts to days long gone, and her "In The Nest, Late Morning" is more reflective than analytical, though "I lied about your age today" does fall in the present.

Perhaps the most uplifting are the lines by Sheila Joy Keith with "The Light of Hope" and "This is the Angels Song!" while Noreene M. Bailey shares the cleansing viewpoint in "The Bride and The Chalice" only to turn somber with "The Girl In The Water." Bruce Clifford rides the same wave of laments with "Put Down Your Pen," "I Wish I Knew," and the melancholy "Precious Moments."

Peter Tonge balances one poem, "Look Away" with two more hopeful ones, "Fly Away" and "I Wish," all three inspired by the highs and lows of romance. Judith Alexander also contrasts her work, "Beautiful" with the serious "I'm Scared." The young British author whose pen name is The One offers the brief "Mismatched Moment" to which most of us can relate. "Lord of the Night" by another poet known only as Woodspryte draws from a mystical setting with lovely words.

We bring one story for your reading experience, "The Cliff" which though short, packs a punch as the author Kathy intended. One of the articles, "EDITORIAL: Illegal Drugs Cost More Than You Think" is written by Erick Van Savage and the other "One White Ribbon" by Noreene M. Bailey is based on true experience. Both should draw comments and we welcome yours.

Our columns are still missing "Stellar Notions" by Pete Miller who we hope was the recipient of a new pc from Santa as his other one bit the dust. We look forward to him continuing with Pencil Stubs Online in 2004. However, we happily present "On The Other Hand" by Connie Anast who has been on a sabatical for awhile, and we hope to hear from her more often now. Leo C. Helmer ("Cookin' With Leo") bounces in with a somewhat scary recipe title, but one that actually works quite well with his suggested Supermarket alternative ingredients.

"Thinking Out Loud" columnist Gerard Meister shares his New Year's Eve and New Year's Day activities with his usual wry take on living, and LC Van Savage has a tribute to Kathryn Hepburn in "Consider This." Mattie Lennon ("Irish Eyes") continues the longing for the past with his column lauding "Songs My Mother Sang."

Remember, to see their biography and picture (if they choose to give it) click on their name under the title of the poem, story, or article. This will also give a list of other compositions by the author published by Pencil Stubs. All in all, this is a varied and interesting issue and we hope you thoroughly enjoy it!

See you in February!  

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