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Near The Willow

By Mary E. Adair

(October 15, 1997. . . based on Shiana's suggestion to seek your guides)

Just seat you near the weeping willow
On the bench of white wrought metal
And gaze upon blossoming hedges there
Reflecting soft light from each luminous petal.
Beyond the grassy sweep of lawn
A brook can be heard babbling clearly
Though hidden from view at this shaded spot
Its presence is treasured so dearly.
For once you find yourself strolling across
The simple bridge that spans its girth
Those you shall meet on the other side
Will share secrets of life and love and mirth.
They'll meet you there with words so wise
To guide your footsteps in your daily walk--
Your friendly mentors gathering round
To cheer your day, or just to talk.
The messages these guides will bring
May be profound or affirm your query--
Their looks may surprise you as they may appear
As animal, bird, insect, even dragon or fairy.
It's up to you to sift their information
And use your judgment to best discern
If advice that is given is from the Light
Or will lead to lessons you'd rather not learn.
So seek, well protected by God's Holy Ray,
And accept only those with such words to hear
That will, once projected as steps in your path,
Help you to be able to ease other's fear.
When the message is ended, the bridge re-crossed,
Remember this wisdom for one who has learned:
Accepted advice should surely be heeded,
And neither the message nor advisor be spurned.  

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