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By Mary E. Adair

February 2004

Here we are with Volume 7 Issue 1, which simply means we are beginning our seventh year online with this ezine and this month is the first issue of this endeavor. One other ezine in the art and literary class has been online a few months longer than we but they limit their scope to poetry and that must reflect in some manner the great prairies of our nation. We salute Prairie Poetry for their continued efforts, as well as for their good judgement in displaying one of our own author's work - John I. Blair. This past year Blair was chosen as one of four top poets by his peers of that fine ezine. Congrats, Blair! Readers may recall that Blair was chosen top popular poet by our own readers for his work in Pencil Stubs Online.

Poems often nudge us to consider other perspectives from our daily surroundings or those with whom we are most often living near. John I. Blair with "A Passenger Pigeon Egg In Texas," "Deja Vu," "Hello, Stranger!," "Rainbow," "The Playful Cat," and "Mixed Inheritance," shows again how we learn lessons from everything. Keith Vander Wees reminds us it is "A Time To Care," and describes the struggle to define loving with "I Wish I Knew A Word." Phillip Hennessey discusses "No Sleep," travels "The Road," and pledges to his love with "We Are."

M. Jay Mansfield faces the dilemna of new "Help," writes a different kind of love poem to his wife {"Vibration") the mother of the child ("My Boy") he dotes on. LSeeker, one of our most prolific free-verse composers, faces the weekend with his "Demon." Bruce Clifford, another regular contributor to the poetry section, names the "Scapegoat," and tells us to "Look at Friendship/Look at Love." Sheila J. Keith, in her angel mode, sings about "The Journey Home," which she dedicates to all loved ones who have made the trip.

Our ezine continues to showcase poets, beginning and experienced, as well as those who prefer to write stories, or expound on their unique viewpoints of the real world. And speaking of our columnists, these made the deadline:

LC Van Savage with "Consider This;"
Leo C. Helmer and his "Cookin' With Leo;"
Mattie Lennon and "Irish Eyes ;"
Gerard Meister and "Thinking Out Loud."

Our one offering in the story department this issue comes from returning writer, Jerry Vilhotti, who forces us to perceive who is truly the victim in "Suffer The Little Stutterer." Brief and to the point, but you will think about it for awhile.

Even our articles supply diverse thinking and should jumpstart your own opinion.

    LC Van Savage, in her "Editorial: Exploiting? I Wonder" dwells on the facts about publicity and legal suits.
    Leo C. Helmer in his informational guise tells us "It's That Time Of Year Again" and discloses some seldom acknowledged facts concerning Mardi Gras.
    Erick Van Savage may shock you with his disection of front page news with his "Editorial: Who's Right."

All our authors invite your feedback which you can post right after their observations. Please use the Reader Comments form provided for your convenience. And do let others know with the Refer a friend to this Column form right above the comment form. Both are designed by our webmaster, Mike Craner, to give you, the reader, a chance to let your own views be seen, and/or to compliment or critique the author.

Readers are invited to submit their own compostitions for consideration in future issues. This is easily done by choosing the Submit button from the sidebar. Try it!

Time to watch the Super Bowl proceedings (and enjoy some of Leo's tailgate cookin' for indoors) and we will see you next month!  

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Comment: Thanks for your very kind words! I and other writers like me owe so much to the judgment, hard work and generosity of editors like you and Marc DuPlan of Prairie Poetry. There's no adequate way to express my gratitude.



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