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By Mary E. Adair

March 2004

Once, long ago, my youngest daughter was laughed at in class when she said that if her father had his way there would be a network just for news as that was all he ever wanted to watch. Wonder what he would have thought about CNN and the other news networks now... but to be honest, he would certainly be enthralled with the new sports coverages, especially the fledgling NFL. What you have with any of those channels is pretty much the same thing from day to day, even to repeats less than an hour later, all wedged in between the primary purpose for a sell commercial time.. the ads. Regardless of having their own fans, ads do make watching TV a chore at times.

Bruce Clifford, one of our popular poets, makes us consider CNN with "Knock, Knock" and his "Negative Vibe" wonders do we all feel this way? Or perhaps there is a glimmer of hope as he expresses in "Maybe Today Will Be The First Day."

Clara Blair sends "New Pleiades, February 1, 2003" a tribute to the crew of the Columbia, and "Rafah, Gaza Strip" as a lament. She also submitted the following for March: "Lacy Valentine" a great way to look at the recent and unusual weather bringing snow where its seldom seen; "Life by the Half Hour," and "The Gift of a Bird."

John I. Blair's poems for this issue are: with "Celery Heart," "Oatmeal," "Tales We Tell Ourselves," "The Wave," and "Winging." Sheila Keith sings about "One Single Rose."

Columns for this third month of the year (already!) are:

    "Consider This" by LC Van Savage;
    "Cookin' With Leo" by Leo C. Helmer;
    "Irish Eyes" by Mattie Lennon and;
    "Thinking Out Loud" by Gerard Meister;

    The articles invite your commentary with

      "EDITORIAL: Sex in the Military Position" by Erick Van Savage;
      "EDITORIAL: Smoking. But Do I Have An Opinion?" by LC Van Savage, and
      "GO WHERE YOU %&*!$#-WELL LIKE " from Mattie Lennon who's keeping us cognizant of new inventions.

      Mattie also requested that we announce the following for him:

      I am compiling a collection of the writings of Dublin Bus workers, past and present. If you worked for Dublin Bus or its precurser (The Dublin City Services section of CIE) I would welcome a poem, essay, short story, humerous article or any piece from you. You can email it to me at

      We have been keeping the road hot between our home and the Dallas metroplex visiting family and keeping up with doctor appointments. Hope that life in your area is calmer and you will have time to enjoy this month's fine choices of reading. Don't forget to click on the author's name to enjoy other works published in Pencil Stubs Onlineby that author. We wanted our readers to know about the new addition to the webmaster Craner's family: Caitlin Marie was born Feb 27, welcomed by Mike and Susie, their other three children, and Mike's parents. We extend the heartiest of congratulations to all.

      See you in April!!!!  

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