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Simple Migraine

By Mary E. Adair

The migraine approaches on limbs stiff with pain
Had it perhaps thought we would welcome it again?
Will it be brief this time or will it stay for days
It's hard to figure as I peer through this haze
The phone when it rings seems embedded in my head
And the words that are spoken might as well be unsaid,
For the pain beats unmercifully and blinds one, with no pity
The same thing happens whether in the country or in the city
The lapse of memory is merciful but too hard to believe
For what of the notes here I see written on my sleeve
The pain keeps on pounding a path through my mind
While the thoughts churning there play hard to find...
So furrowing my brow
And continuing with now
I shall take my leave, and thus here is my bow
I'll return in good time and all will wonder how
I came to be zapped by a simple migraine,
Unless they have suffered from much of the same.

©May 12, 2003 Mary E. Adair  

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