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Editor's Corner

By Mary E. Adair

October 2004

Welcome to cooler weather and a bit of rain! And welcome to the ezine! We have quite an issue for you this month beginning with our regular columnists,

LC Van Savage - "Consider This"
Leo C. Helmer - "Cookin' With Leo"
Mattie Lennon - "Irish Eyes "
Michael Craner - "Mikes Place "
Gerard Meister - "Thinking Out Loud."

Articles offer a variety of subjects, two by Leo C. Helmer ... the cool weather starts him writing it seems, so he burned up the keyboard with "A Lot More Western Swing" and in an attempt to boggle your mind - "Leo, on Darwin's Theory of Evolution."

Thomas P. Loveshares "Send In The Clowns," LC Van Savage avers "We Had Super Heroines Too!" and a timely event is recorded in "CAF American Combat Airman Hall of Fame" by Mary E. Adair.

Poems also grew in number with the approaching Fall season. John I. Blair is credited with "After the Dark," "Firemen," "Duet of Singing Poems," "Salix Babylonica ," "Never Name It," and "Subtle Thoughts." Bruce Clifford chimes with "Common Ground ," "The Wind Keeps Whispering Your Name," "Walking on Egg Shells," "Moment In Time," and being a resident of Florida, fervently hopes it is "The Last Storm."

Mattison J. Mansfield ponders in an alter-ego, "The Rant of the Semi-Wise," questions, as many do, with "Fortress of Solitude," despairs in "I Can't Believe," declares with "Manic Oppressive," and realizes what makes it worthwhile in "Epic." Deborah Spencer waxes eloquent with "DeVine," and Sheila Keith plays her theme with "Free."

In the story section "Hybird - The Green Cloud" is continued with chapters nine and ten, building the suspense in the space odyssey written by an Australian author, Alan Mosedale. Previous chapters and a handy reference on the characters is also available by clicking the author's name, so if you haven't started reading this one yet, now is the time to catch up.

Two other stories are included in preparation for the scary days of Halloween, which it seems the stores prefer to Thanksgiving as more goods seem to be available for the former than the latter. Steve Embrey spins a chilling monologue "My Last Sunrise," and implications will stick in your mind, so maybe you won't want to read it before retiring. But, neither does Manda's "Faithless one: It begins" tend to leave you, so, Happy Halloween... trick or treat.

The authors welcome feedback, as do we, and you are encouraged to add your thoughts to the pages presented for your pleasure. In fact, if you would like to submit a poem, story, or article of your own, the submit feature can be found on the sidebar. It is great fun to see your own words in the ezine and to know it is hailed round the world as a quality literature work.

Hope to see you here again during November!  

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