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By Mary E. Adair


Fifteen poems line up for your reading pleasure for this month. These are by John I. Blair, our most prolific writer: "Sunday in The Park 1944," "Tree Secrets Revealed," "True Love is like a Fine Perfume," "Dream On," "Pinocchio," and the timely "Voting Day."

Phillip Hennessy shares "The Seed." Bruce Clifford submitted both "One of a Kind" and "Small Ways." Sheila Keith sent a poem titled "Love," and another called "In a Child's Eyes." Her mother, D. Ducasse aka cherrisha, a new voice in our publication, sent "Heaven's Loving Angel" and "I Will Always Be There," each dedicated to her daughter, and a third one called, "Life's Lessons."

Coincidentally, an article with practically the same title, "Life Lesson Hits Again. Ouch!" was sent in by our monthly columnist,L.C. Van Savage. The other two articles for November, are "Whose Side Are You On?" by Michael Craner, and "What if it Rains?" by yours truly.

L.C. Van Savage, with Consider This, Gerard Meister with Thinking Out Loud, Leo C. Helmer with Cookin' With Leo, and Mike's Place by Michael Craner, our webmaster and co-founder comprise the columns for this issue. (plus this one, of course.)

The continuing tale written by Alan Mosedale of Australia, adds Chapters 11 and 12 to "Hybird - The Green Cloud" in this issue. If you have not begun reading this story, you can click on the author's name, and beneath his biography you will find the clickable titles of the previous chapters and the cast of characters, (which is quite interesting itself, and adds to the enjoyment of the epic) and you can make comments at the bottom of each chapter if you wish.

You are invited to submit feedback to the authors on everything which is easy to do right on the page where you find the story, poem, column, or article that makes you wish to add your comments. You are welcome to submit your stories or poems, or even ideas for a regular column, which can be done by simply clicking the word submit on the sidebar. See your own work published right here!

Next month will feature winter and Christmas tales, so get yours in promptly. We'll see you in December.  

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