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Awaken From Your Sleep

By Bud Lemire

It's a long way home, for the mortal soul
But once you get there, you will know
Of the secrets, told to the human spirit
Because as we get closer, we all will hear it

Spoken not in words, yet we'll recieve
Messages from spirit, that we'll believe
Feelings we will have, that come through
Miracles happening, from out of the blue

"Humans of the Earth, hear what I say"
"We are always with you, to show you the way"
"Awaken from your sleep, wake from your slumber"
"Let your spiritual flame grow brighter, we have your number"

Feel the energy flow, as your spiritual self is set free
Fly with these feelings, of all that you can be
Don't hold back, release all your fear
Someone from the spirit world is whispering in your ear

As we get closer, and approach that door
We will have a touch, of what went on before
When the door is open, opened up real wide
Then we'll have a chance, to experience the other side

©Jan 30, 2005 Bud Lemire  

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