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Empty Out Your Pockets

By Bud Lemire

Remember when you pass, to empty out your pockets here
Of all the disappointment, jealousy, prejudice, and the fear
For it's not needed, on the other side
When your spirit passes, and your human body dies

Shed the limitations, so that you can do more
In the spirit world, where your spirit will soar
Your mind-set has to change upon death
As you set forth in spirit with a fresh new breath

Our negative issues soften, while the positive grows brighter
We wake up from a dream, that was an allnighter
We're wearing a coat, with invisible pockets of many
Emptying them out of emotions, so our spirits can see

Our pocket issues, become part of our soul
When they're released, then you will know
We leave our judgments and issues behind
When we're in the kingdom of the divine

©Mar 19, 2004 Bud Lemire  

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