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The Garden Of Souls

By Bud Lemire

There is a Garden, when our work is done
In the hereafter, it's there for everyone
Coming from the Garden, there are seeds of hope
Helping us to find our way, helping us to cope

It's a Garden, in wisdom and in spirit you will grow
In the Infinite Light, where resides the soul
Before you can get there, you must tend your Garden here
Overcoming obstacles, facing all your fears

You'll create many Gardens, as your path turns left and right
Until your soul returns, to the Garden of Infinite Light
The Garden isn't built on money, nor on power or on fame
Discard Earth's illusions, for there it's not the same

From our pain and loss, new life will sprout
Nourishing our souls, is what life's about
Everybody's journey here, no matter where it goes
Leads us to the place, The Garden Of The Souls

©Sep 13, 2004 Bud Lemire  

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