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A Glimpse Inside Your Soul

By Bud Lemire

Since I've had a glimpse inside your soul
There's so much about you that I know
And words between us always flow
Easily they're felt, wherever I go

Your soul is such a special treat
You're as wonderful as you are sweet
I look forward to when our souls meet
The tingling sensations from head to feet

My senses come alive, emotions going wild
Letting loose these chains of my inner child
You bring to me deep emotions, hidden by a smile
I'm taken in by your love, as we chat awhile

As our spirits touch
The love that is so much
Our souls become one
Until our visit is done

Since I've had a glimpse inside
There's nothing about me that I'll hide
You'll know me for my soul so true
And I will know the inner you

As our souls unite in bliss
Sharing in a spiritual kiss
There's so much we'll learn as we grow
Since I've had "A Glimpse Inside Your Soul"

©Jan 15, 2005 Bud Lemire  

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Name: VAL (((((LAMPY LOU))))) Email:
Comment: Hi Psamea. Ime so surprised, I really didnt know that you were a poet, ive just read your first one and ile be reading the others tomorrow, thank you so much for sharing them with me, see you on the chat soon. L & L VAL MARSH



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