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Bond of Love

By Bud Lemire

You left me struggling in the dark
What I didn't know is you left your mark
When you came to me on a dream filled night
And surrounded me with your brilliant light

It wasn't a love that you know in this life
Where you take a husband or you take a wife
It was out of this world, much deeper and higher
And it touched my soul, set my spirit on fire

It was much stronger than anything I've ever known
And through this connection my spirit had grown
Tingling sensations traveled all through my body
I knew Heaven was showing me of all I could be

Before too long the time came and went
It seemed like just seconds of the time that we spent
But I know there can never be enough time
To share this love that is your's and mine

So I take this experience as a valuable lesson
And thank God for you, for you are a blessing
I thank all the spirits, I thank Heaven above
For this spiritual connection, and this bond of love

©Feb 27, 2005 Bud Lemire  

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