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Let Me Be

By Bud Lemire

Let me be your rainbow
When your essence is low
Let my colours enlighten your soul
So inside, your spirit will always know

Let me be the sunshine beaming down
To make you smile, when I act like a clown
Let me be the good feelings, touching your atmosphere
So you'll always know, why I love you being here

Let me be the one, you can always turn to
To cheer you up, when you're feeling blue
Let me be, always by your side
Someone honest, in which you can confide

Let me be the laughter, setting up the mood
Bringing on a happy feeling, to your attitude
Let me be everything, in your life that makes sense
Let me be the flowers, growing by the fence

Let me be everything, that you desire
Someone to look to, someone to inspire
Let me be exactly, what you want me to
Everything, is what I want for you

2005 Bud Lemire  

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